NYU AI School

January 10 - 14, 2022


The NYU AI School is a week-long winter school on artificial intelligence and machine learning featuring hands-on labs and introductory lectures taught by leading experts. The school will run from January 10 - 14, 2022.

Who should participate?
The school is primarily designed for first- and second-year undergraduates in NYC area who are interested in machine learning and AI. As the school is introductory, we do not expect students to have experience with these areas. In fact, we welcome students from backgrounds and majors outside of computer science, data science, math, statistics, etc. We also especially encourage students from underrepresented minorities to participate.
Hands-on programming labs are a core part of our curriculum, so having some programming knowledge (specifically Python) will help participants get more out of the school. However, programming knowledge is not required; the school will include a track for participants who are completely new to programming. Experience with typical undergraduate math (calculus, linear algebra) and statistics (intro probability) is also helpful, but not required.
As this school will be held in-person in New York City, we welcome students from NYC and nearby area universities.

Why should I participate?
Our goals for school participants are the following:
1. Introduce participants to machine learning and artificial intelligence: what is it and why they should study it.
2. Give participants a sense of what research and a career in machine learning is like in terms of subject matter and day-to-day work.
3. Present participants with a path to further study machine learning and pursue a career in the field.
To achieve these goals, we have designed our curriculum to give participants a view into cutting edge research and its applications in modern society, as well as hands-on experience with these concepts.

How is the school structured?
The school will consist of a mix of lectures, labs, research talks, group discussions, and office hours. Most days will run from 10am - 4pm ET and will include a morning lecture, followed by a lab, and concluding with a research talk or panel discussion with leading researchers. See the full schedule and list of speakers for details.

Sounds great! How much will it cost to participate?
The school is entirely free!

Sweet! How do I sign up?
Interested students should fill out this application. Additionally, we recommend students take this diagnostic test in advance to get a sense of the programming and math background involved. If the test is challenging, that's ok! The school includes a track for less experienced students.

The school is organized by the members of the Machine Learning for Language Lab and is an updated version of the virtual workshop last year.


Emily Denton

Sabrina Mielke

Cinjon Resnick

Elena Sizikova

Savannah Thais

Nan Wu

Lily Zhang

Naomi Saphra

Tai-Danae Bradley

Yash Deshpande

Miles Cranmer

Navita Goyal

Kush Varshney

Sam Bowman

Kianté Brantley

Andrea Jones-Rooy

Sarah Shugars

Ren Yi

Yury Zemlyanskiy

Kyunghyun Cho

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The application is now open!


Sam Bowman

New York University

Kianté Brantley

University of Maryland

Angelica Chen

New York University

Katrina Evtimova

New York University

Phu Mon Htut

New York University

Ilia Kulikov

New York University

Swapneel Mehta

New York University

Nikita Nangia

New York University

Richard Pang

New York University

Jason Phang

New York University

Harvineet Singh

New York University

Alex Wang

New York University


The NYU AI School is sponsored by generous grants from our industry partners Genentech, Prescient Design (a Genentech Accelerator), and DeepMind. We are very thankful for their support!.